System Engineering
System Engineering

The success of any sound system is based on how well it is designed and implemented, over the years we are always surprised at how many systems are installed without consideration for either of these disciplines, and subsequently re-installed many systems.

We take a "Real World" approach to our projects - matching expectations to budget and cover an extremely diverse range of products and disciplines, from a simple stereo set up to the most demanding club audio/video/lighting install, or to a complex retail multimedia installation. 

We can advise on all aspects of "Sound" construction and design, Room Optimization, Noise Pollution, Sound Proofing, and in a variety of areas. Our experience extends to all of these categories -   Schools, Entertainment Venues, Licensed premises(restaurants, coffee bars), Residential, Public Areas and Workplaces.


Small or large projects benefit from our professional audio, lighting and video, in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm.


 We do :

• design systems for any venue including: schools, theatres, universities, supermarkets, clubs, bars, restaurants and more.

• take the time to thoroughly understand your customer’s requirements then use our expertise to create exactly the right package, at the right price.

• liaise directly with your customers to discuss technical aspects, make recommendations and make sure they are fully satisfied, while you concentrate on the other aspects of each project.

We do not charge for any initial advice, no matter how small or large your project or problem is, so whether you have a Pub or an Amusement park, please do not hesitate to call or email us immediately - We will do our best for you being very professional and friendly.

Contact us at or if you would like to find out more about our consultancy services, including a free consultation period.